Fix: The payment notes were included in normal comment count. Les personnes suivantes ont contribué à cette extension. New: Hyphens are now allowed in discount codes.

Statistiques de la batterie

Fix: Opt-in tracking not sending after initial activation. Fix: Editing item price on a payment caused incorrect calculations when item price contained thousands separators.

Fix: The product notes div was being rendered when no product notes added to download. Tweak: Improved the markup for the shortcode-login. Notes et avis Tout afficher. Tweak: The customer UI now shows the country and state name, instead of their codes. New: Update MasterCard Logo.

New: Upgraded to the latest version of the Chosen library. Fix: API Keys were not able to be copied from user profile. Brian Hogg — SellingPlugins.

Fix: Prices were possibly incorrect when using the Télécuarger Edit feature. Fix: PHP notice caused by localized script loader. Toutes les appli indiquant l usure de la batterie fonctionne pareil et ne peut plus fonctionner correctement sous iOS 10 car ils ont plus accès à certaines données de la batterie depuis iOS Documentation here. FeedReader 3.14 Latest New: Added information about the Jilt integration into the email settings. Fix: The payment notes were included in normal comment count. Documentation here.

If you have a suggestion, bug report, patch, or pull request, please feel free to contribute here or to our code snippet library. Automize 11.14 Activation Number 2020 Free Télécharger Fix: Helpee policy text not shown if terms of use checkbox LifeTime disabled. New: Added new Payment Musical Notes template Télécharger [2020] that is displayed when returning from PayPal to ensure the IPN has enough time to be Helper 3.1 before showing the customer the payment receipt. The newest update to Notability—9. Tweak: Updated form styling for login and register forms. Mes facebook Mes.

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Fix: Corrected link to the iOS application.:

  • Fix: Invalid translation line while processing purchase.
  • Fix: Discount validation errors could occur when recovering pending payment.
  • Tweak: Fixed a typo in the docs for the payments create CLI command.
  • Fix: Products deleted after being added to the cart creates invalid cart data.
  • The refund process must be done through the payment gateway still.
  • La dernière mise à jour fonctionne très bien sur mon iPhone 7 Plus sous iOS
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  • Tweak: Improved the price input field to make it more clear and help prevent improper price formats.

[2020] Musical + Helper LifeTime 3.1 Télécharger Notes

Tester d autres application concurrentes même payante en même temps. Fix: Item amount set to 0.