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  • Diversity and spatial clustering of shade trees affect cacao yield and pathogen pressure in Costa Rican agroforests.

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Atmospheric CO2 concentration effects on rice water use and biomass production. Food Hydrocolloids, Volume Keys 2016.11 Free Télécharger Registration Code 2020, Food Structure, 5, Bikard J. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 25 7 Euphytica: Local mechanical behavior mapping of a biopolymer blend using nanoindentation, finite element computation, and simplex optimization strategy. Multi-stimuli responsive foams combining particles and self-assembling 2200 acids.

Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 12 Interfacial and emulsifying behaviour of rice protein concentrate.

Annals of Applied Biology3 : Food Research International, 43 8 , Irrigation and crop diversification in the 25 de Setembro irrigation scheme, Mozambique.

Comprehensive study of biopolymer foam compression up to densification using X-ray micro-tomography and finite element computation. Performance différenciée du coton Bt en début de diffusion : cas du Burkina Faso. Soft Matter, 9 20

Annals of Applied Biology3 : :

  1. Making the user visible: analysing irrigation practices and farmers' logic to explain actual drip irrigation performance.
  2. Mixing Eucalyptus and Acacia trees leads to fine root over-yielding and vertical segregation between species.
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  5. Conservation agriculture cropping systems reduce blast disease in upland rice by affecting plant nitrogen nutrition.
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Madan P. Cereal Foods World, 55 3 ,

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Cahiers Agricultures25 611 p. A bio-economic farm model applied to the Senegalese groundnut basin. Coffee tree architecture and its interactions with microclimates drive the dynamics of coffee berry disease in coffee trees.

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Revue Africaine d'Environnement et d'Agriculture2 2 : Hybrids accumulate more biomass during each phenological phase. Pasteurisation of liquid whole egg: Optimal heat treatments in relation to its functional, nutritional and allergenic properties.

BMC Plant Biology12 2616 p.

Journal of Water Resource and Protection7 16 : Serie técnica. Assessment of French bread texture by a multi-indentation test.

Analysis of interactions amongst shade trees, coffee foliar diseases and coffee yield in multistrata agroforestry systems.

Analyzing lock-in in the French agrifood system. Guillermet Claire, Loeillet Denis. Molecular simulation of the water-triolein-oleic acid mixture: Local structure and thermodynamic properties. Accroître la production de la biomasse dans les terroirs d'agro-éleveurs : cas des systèmes de culture à base de céréales au Nord Cameroun.

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Production durable de cacao : s'inspirer de l'agroforesterie. Jebalia, I. Innovations Agronomiques3 : Agronomy for Sustainable Development3811 p.

Higher crop performance of rice hybrids than of elite inbreds in the tropics : 1. Soil Use and Management35 3 :

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Journal of Crop Science2 2 : :

  1. Mechanical Cell Disruption of Parachlorella kessleri microalgae: impact on lipid fraction composition.
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  3. Crop losses due to two sugarcane stem borers in Reunion and South Africa.
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